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X8060 NDT

Viscom has launched the X8060 NDT, an x-ray inspection system for non-destructive examinations in industrial and scientific settings. It can manipulate large or heavy objects, but also inspect smaller parts at higher magnifications.

The integrated microfocus computed tomography (µCT) allows the 3D reconstruction of inspection objects weighting up to 30kg. Along with the spatial assignment of production defects and material flaws, naturally individual slices or section images can also be visualised with this process. Using its spatial display capabilities, this technology can improve defect localisation and enable direct measurement within the volumetric model. Rapid image capture and evaluation are possible, with results becoming available in minutes.

The scope of application areas ranges from millimetre-sized chip capacitors to turbine blades, and even human skulls. The preconditions are: the inspection object must be stiff enough that it does not change during rotation. Also, it must be penetrable by x-rays in every direction. Typical defects that can be detected non-destructively are cracks, fractures, pores or voids, contamination, form deviations, faulty positioning, altered position, and inhomogeneous material transitions.

The modular 8-axis manipulator allows angled radiation with high magnification. Concealed solder joints, such as BGAs on electronic assemblies can be examined using the system, as can larger objects.

The real-time image processing XMC from Viscom, with a wide selection of analysis tools, delivers image improvements without time lag, so the operator can fully concentrate on the inspection object.


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