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Flir Systems has launched the X6580sc thermal imaging camera as a solution for scientists and researchers that require ultra-fast frame rate acquisition of dynamic thermal events.

The X6580sc features a 640 x 512 pixel digital indium antimonide (InSb) detector with broadband (1.5-5.5µm) spectral sensitivity and F/3 aperture. The X6580sc provides images at up to 350Hz in full frame and up to 4,500Hz in a 320 x 8 pixel sub-windowing mode.

The camera includes all the features of the Flir X6500sc series, such as high thermal sensitivity, snapshot imagery, motorised spectral filter wheel and a detachable touchscreen LCD. The camera connects to Flir's ResearchIR Max 3 R&D software to provide thermal imaging data acquisition, analysis, and reporting capabilities.

The camera can be temperature calibrated up to 300°C, or up to 3,000°C with spectral and/or neutral density filters and has a measurement accuracy of +/-1°C. The X6580sc is compatible with all the existing Flir X6500sc mid-infrared USL motorised lenses. Optionally, the camera can be equipped with an M80/Janos front panel enabling integration with existing or custom lenses.


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