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SC35, SC15 and SC5 camera packs

Flir Systems has introduced its SC35, SC15 and SC5 camera packs for research and development applications.

Thermal imaging cameras can be used for a wide variety of R&D applications. The new SC series camera packs visualise temperatures from -40°C to +550°C, with temperature differences as small as 50mK. In the R&D environment the thermal imaging camera is just one part of the solution; of equal importance is software to analyse the image.

Designed with research engineers in mind, Flir Tools+ software is included with every SC35, SC15 and SC5 pack. The Tools+ software enables researchers to view, record and analyse thermal image data with functions such as time versus temperature plots. For experiments that require more than one camera to cover the object, or for stereoscopic applications, it is also possible to configure one SC series camera to be master and others to be slaves.


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