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X-Cite 110LED light source

Excelitas Technologies Corp., a global technology leader focused on delivering innovative, high-performance, market-driven photonics solutions today announced the  X-Cite® 110LED – a new compact white light LED source for fluorescence imaging applications. Using liquid light guide coupling, X-Cite 110LED delivers broad-spectrum optical power with exceptional field uniformity at the specimen level via manual, personal computer (PC) and TTL control. 

"We tested the X-Cite 110LED on our white-light Nipkow disk confocal system and found the images to be very bright. Overall, the fluorescence was superior to our other light sources and the system was easy to operate,” stated Dr. Tim Bromage, Director, Hard Tissue Research Unit, New York University.

X-Cite 110LED brings an additional level of flexibility to X-Cite’s white LED offerings -- with liquid light guide coupling to the microscope, which allows for maximum uniformity without adding mechanical vibration, as well as a convenient form factor and smaller overall footprint. An electronic shutter provides fast, sub-millisecond operation enabling extreme precision in vibration-sensitive imaging experiments. Providing excitation for DAPI, GFP, mCherry, Cy5 and other commonly used fluorophores, the X-Cite 110LED offers a superior solution for routine imaging on compound or stereomicroscopes. With intuitive control options and a price point comparable to X-Cite’s entry-level arc lamp, X-Cite 110LED is well suited for any instrument configuration, from basic manual operation to fully automated.

“The X-Cite 110LED provides researchers with a powerful and cost-effective LED solution which represents Excelitas’ on-going commitment to deliver enabling technologies to the fluorescence imaging community,” said Oliver Scheuss, Vice President, Solid State Lighting and UV/Microscopy for Excelitas Technologies. “Built on the strengths of our current X-Cite light platform, we have combined superior optical performance with the added benefits of LED technology to offer the reliability and high quality that researchers require for their demanding applications.”

The instant LED on/off capability minimizes photobleaching and phototoxicity in specimens while offering ultra-fast PC control and TTL triggering. With zero mercury disposal and low energy consumption, X-Cite 110LED is a highly efficient, environmentally-friendly solution that can adapt to any system configuration including microscopes from all major manufacturers. With LEDs rated to 25,000 hours and no lamps or modules to replace, X-Cite 110LED brings simplicity and convenience to laboratories around the world allowing researchers to focus on their experiments instead of equipment maintenance.


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