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Labsphere Spectralon and Spectraflect

With 96 to 98 per cent reflectance, Labsphere’s Spectralon and Spectraflect provide a high level of uniform light integration for maximum efficiency in light collection tubes and light guides used in medical imaging equipment.

The near-Lambertian properties of Spectralon and Spectraflect deliver a uniform dispersion of light that integrates light and reduces hotspots better than other materials in coated cavity applications. A high reflectance over a broad spectral range of 250 to 2500nm increases optical efficiency.

With increased efficiency, less light input is required for performance, lowering energy and design costs. Since light collection and reflectance are not dependent on the geometry of light input, design flexibility is increased. Inert, thermally stable and UV-resistant, Labsphere’s materials ensure consistent optical stability and long term performance reliability.


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