WiDy SWIR camera

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NIT has introduced the WiDy SWIR camera, integrating an ultra wide dynamic range InGaAs sensor operating from 900-1700nm. The camera is ideal for laser measurements, high temperature thermography, waste sorting and biomedical imaging, among other applications.

WiDy SWIR uses a 320 x 256 pixel InGaAs photodiode array sensor coupled to the NIT NSC0803 wide dynamic range read out circuit.

The InGaAs photodiodes provide a high QE signal response from 900-1,700nm. When used with the NIT WDR ROIC technologies the InGaAs photodiodes deliver more than 140dB of dynamic range in a single image without any external control.

WiDy SWIR has a simple USB digital output and is supplied with WiDyWiew software operating under Microsoft Windows. The frame rate is software controllable from 1Hz to 150Hz and can be synchronised from an external IO signal.