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Wave Series WA-1000D-CL line scan camera

JAI today announced the launch of a new line scan camera in a new camera series - The Wave Series. The Wave Series cameras are multi-sensor, prism-based line scan cameras capable of sensing Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR) light. The new camera model, WA-1000D-CL, is a dual-sensor line scan camera with 2 x 1024 pixels and a Camera Link interface.

The camera is based on Indium/Gallium/Arsenide (InGaAs) sensor technology and these special sensors are responsive to wavelengths over 900 nm where normal silicon sensors (CCD/CMOS) are unable to detect light photons.

Multi-sensor camera technology is a JAI core competence and over the years JAI has delivered cameras covering RGB and NIR into various applications. The new Wave Series camera brings JAI’s multi-sensor technology imaging to the SWIR light spectrum providing extra “hidden” vision data.

The WA-1000D-CL simultaneously acquires and precisely aligns images of two different spectral bands in the SWIR light range, even when objects are moving at high speeds. Sensor one registers the SWIR light between 900 and 1400 nm while sensor two simultaneously registers the SWIR light in the spectral band from 1400 nm to 1700 nm.

The advantage of splitting the SWIR light across two different sensors is that it makes it possible to leverage the fact that SWIR light absorption levels in various chemical components is different, depending on the wavelength of the SWIR light. The differences in light absorption levels produce differences in darkness and brightness for specific objects or substances in the two images, which can be used as inspection criteria.

This capability can enhance current machine vision inspection systems by imaging beyond what is possible, when operating in the visible and/or the near infrared light spectrums alone. The Wave Series opens up a range of new applications in automated optical inspection in areas such as the food industry for sorting and contamination detection, quality checks in pharmaceutical manufacturing, and potentially waste sorting applications.

The WA-1000D-CL camera features sensors with a cell size of 25.0 μm x 25.0 μm and delivers video output at 2 x 8-bits, 2 x 10-bits, or 2 x 12-bits through a Camera Link interface at a maximum line rate of 39 kHz (39,230 lines/s).

The camera comes with an M52 lens mount.


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