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AM-800GE and AB-800GE cameras

JAI has introduced GigE Vision versions of its 8 Megapixel industrial grade CCD camera series. Like the Camera Link versions introduced earlier in the year, the AM-800GE (monochrome) and AB-800GE (colour) are built around the Kodak KAI-08050 quad-tap sensor, providing an attractive combination of resolution, image fidelity, and high frame rates.

The cameras deliver full 3,296 x 2,472 pixel resolution at 10fps for 8-bit output in monochrome or raw Bayer formats. Ten-bit and 12-bit output is also available, as are multiple options for in-camera colour interpolation, including YUV 4:2:2 packed or 24-bit (8-bits per colour) RGB packed formats (AB-800GE only).

The new models feature a single GigE Vision interface, providing simple setup and low cost cabling and networking options. JAI's free SDK and Control Tool software provides easy access to the camera's extensive feature set, as well as a wide range of library functions and samples for quick application development. GigE Vision/GenICam-compliant software tools and libraries from third-party companies are also supported.

The AM-800GE and AB-800GE feature an advanced channel balancing function, which continuously adjusts the video levels coming from the quad-tap sensor to ensure uniformity across the image. The cameras feature user configurable AOI scanning (partial scanning), multiple binning modes (AM-800GE only), and a variety of acquisition modes, including continuous, single-frame, and multi-frame capture. The camera features an Automatic Level Control (ALC) capability that integrates auto-shutter, auto-gain, and auto-iris features for maximum exposure control under changing lighting conditions. Image pre-processing features include auto-white balancing, pixel blemish compensation, flat-field compensation, and a 512-point look-up table for gamma customisation.

Like JAI’s other high resolution cameras, the new 8 Megapixel models incorporate a list of industrial grade features to maximise performance in machine vision environments. These include precise sensor alignment, advanced thermal management, a built-in temperature sensor, and rugged construction with extensive shock and vibration testing performed.

The cameras can be ordered with either C-mount or F-mount lens mounts. Dimensions depend on the configuration. All models are 55mm wide and 55mm high. C-mount housings are 69mm in length while F-mount models are 98mm.


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