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VSE IP surveillance camera

IDS's ultra-compact (44 x 34 x 62mm) VSE IP surveillance camera is now available from Stemmer Imaging. With resolution up to full HD, Power over Ethernet capability and configurable integrated multi-area motion detection, this powerful camera also features built in digital video recording (DVR) up to 32GB. The camera is also supplied with a free version of iGuard, the PC toolkit for versatile DVR and complex surveillance solutions.

The VSE’s 5 Megapixel sensor offers high resolution and detailed images up to full HD (1080p), making it ideal for OEM customers for applications such as ITS, security, CCTV and video inspection, among others. This versatile camera can not only be connected to external alarm sensors but can also act as an alarm sensor itself via the built-in motion detection capability. The camera supports H.264 and MJPEG streaming and can handle up to three streams simultaneously.

Camera set-up and live or recorded image viewing is carried out via an easy-to-use web browser interface, using a smartphone, tablet PC, laptop or PC. The camera can be integrated as an intelligent subsystem into more complex surveillance systems. Camera scripts allow VSE cameras to be connected with video servers that are IP-camera enabled.

The VSE can be integrated easily into the versatile iGuard 3.0 PC-kit for DVR and in addition to direct interaction via a video server, the cameras can also be accessed using iGuard RemoteView. iGuard’s flexibility allows the creation of bespoke solutions from a simple surveillance using a notebook and single IP-camera to cost-effective remote multi-server, multi-client solutions.

iGuard’s software-based flexibility also includes camera oriented configuration, enhanced control of analogue and IP-PTZ cameras, multi-monitor handling and support of camera specific functionalities. iGuard features a dedicated software interface which allows easy integration into third party applications such as building management systems or point of sale systems.


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