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IDS UI-3360CP and UI-3370CP cameras

The high speed USB 3.0 interface is featured in the new UI-3360CP and UI-3370CP cameras from IDS, now available from Stemmer Imaging.

Featuring 2-megapixel (CMV2000) and 4-megapixel (CMV4000) CMOSIS sensors, the UI-3360CP and UI-3370CP run at high frame rates of 180fps and 90fps. This high resolution, combined with high speed performance, is suitable for applications such as traffic monitoring and inspection within the pharmaceutical, beverage and glass industries.

The sensors combine the image quality normally associated with CCD sensors with the speed expected from CMOS technology. Eight areas of interest and multiple high dynamic range modes for up to 90db provide the flexibility for even the most demanding applications and imaging conditions.

The new models complement the existing range of uEye USB 3.0 cameras. A lockable micro USB connector ensures that the camera can be used in rough environments. Power is supplied via the USB bus, so there is no need for an extra power cable.


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