VRmagic to expand Asian sales network

VRmagic Imaging is expanding its sales network in Asia. In future, the German camera manufacturer will be represented by Beijing Sanbao Xingye (MVLZ) Image Tech. Co. in China, by AD Science Inc. in Japan, by CYLOD Co., Ltd. in South Korea and by Nevis Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.

Oliver Menken, General Manager at VRmagic Imaging: “In view of the great increase in the level of automation in industrial production in Asia, we see a high demand for inspection and quality assurance solutions. We meet the needs of this market with our new 3D laser triangulation sensors and the 10GigE camera series, whose high-resolution sensors are particularly interesting for inspection of panels and PCBs.”

This week, VRmagic Imaging will present its 10GigE camera series RIC10 and the LineCam3D laser triangulation camera at the China International Machine Vision Exhibition in Shanghai. At the end of the month, VRmagic will exhibit at the Korea Vision Show in Seoul.


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