VisualApplets version 2.0

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Silicon Software has launched version 2.0 of its VisualApplets development tool. The upgrade of the graphical development environment for programming image processing tasks on FPGA hardware offers an extended functionality, the company says, with improved ease of use on the related software.

The pixel-precise software simulation of hardware designs has become more comfortable, says Silicon Software, with flexible import and export functions and provides enhanced control and monitoring options.

Estimation of the consumption of available FPGA resources is now available for both the overall design, as well as design components and individual image processing operators.  

New operators have been added, and a great number of operators are optimised and redesigned, thus considerably enhancing the performance of designs programmed with VisualApplets.

The user can create their own libraries and use them modularly – this feature is completely redesigned and now offers a better ease-of-use and completely new, teamwork-oriented features.