VisLab 3DV-E stereo imaging system

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VisLab 3DV-E is a low-cost and low-power dense stereo reconstruction system, running at 25 fps at VGA resolution. The processing is based on an improved version of the state-of-the art SGM algorithm to produce a dense disparity image.

The FPGA technology and the dual-core ARM CPU run 3D point cloud generation algorithms that generally require a PC-based platform.

Thanks to its extremely small size (187x37x50 mm), weight (550 g), and power consumption (5.5 W), VisLab’s 3DV-E system has been installed on a number of platforms, which were even unthinkable before its availability: drones, small size moving vehicles, and industrial machineries, besides automotive, mining, agricultural, and construction equipments.

In the field of mobile robotics 3DV-E is used as a navigation sensor, since it provides dense tridimensional perception of volumes in the surrounding space.

3DV-E is applied on board of AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles) largely used in industrial contexts of a substantial size. The 3D reconstruction provided by the device allows not only to implement security features but also self-localization and centering maneuvers that require high precision such as picking and docking.

3DV-E replaces many protection mechanical and laser-based solutions, since it allows to monitor a portion of space, recognize the size and shape of an intercepted obstacle, and also classify and chase it over time. This represents an absolute novelty in the field of industrial safety devices.