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G:BOX Chemi XT16

Syngene has introduced the new version of the G:BOX Chemi XT16 automated chemiluminescence and fluorescence imaging and analysis system.

The G:BOX Chemi XT16 includes a 16-bit camera with a new f0.95 variable aperture lens, making it possible to quickly and easily produce accurate images of large gels and blots. To save time, the G:BOX Chemi XT16 also has PC control of its motor driven stage, which allows the system to memorise and feedback set positions for specific applications.

The camera, which features a highly sensitive 6.3-Megapixel resolution, is ultra cooled to separate close band and spot images with virtually no background noise, even during the imaging of chemiluminescence blots for long exposure times.

Additionally, the new G:BOX Chemi XT16 darkroom comes with an overhead EPI white lighting module, a UV to visible light NovaGlo converter screen and a 20 x 20cm UV transilluminator (other sizes available) to allow rapid and accurate imaging of common DNA and protein stains.


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