VisIR 640

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Thermoteknix has launched the VisIR 640 high-resolution thermal imager, suitable for industrial predictive maintenance, among other applications. It provides crystal clear images from a highly sensitive 640 x 480 uncooled infrared sensor, precise temperature measurement and a powerful range of easy-to-use camera tools, as well as Condition RED database and software options.

The camera is encased in a rugged industrial housing, and has an articulated central optics pod for ergonomic safe operation and high contrast DayBright touch screen.

Other features include a high-resolution detector and 1.3 Megapixel colour camera, an LED illuminator, a laser pointer, and voice recording capability.

Effective predictive maintenance enables repair to be performed when it is most cost-effective, before equipment loses optimum performance and when downtime is minimised.

VisIR 640 and Condition RED fully integrate the thermal camera, creating an automated data store, image analysis, route planning, and report generation system. Condition RED supports file formats from all major thermal imager camera manufacturers, including Flir Systems, Inframetrics, Agema, Avio and Thermoteknix.