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Miricle 100K-25

Thermoteknix has released the Miricle 110K-25 thermal imaging camera, which incorporates 25µm detector technology with optional super-sensitivity modes in a smaller, lighter package.

The Miricle 110K-25 is a new member of the Miricle 110K 384 x 288 miniature infrared camera and core family, adding to the existing 35µm detector range. Both 35 and 25µm cameras use 384x288 un-cooled microbolometer focal plane array (FPA) detectors and are sensitive in the longwave Infrared (7-14µm) band. The Miricle 110K-35 and Miricle 110K-25 operate without Thermo-electric stabilisation (TEC-less) and are also available with Thermoteknix unique proprietary shutterless Miricle XTi models for uninterrupted, instant-on, high performance thermal imaging.

With a smaller sensor pitch, the thermal sensitivity and response time of the new 25µm Miricle models achieve <60mK at 27ºC and 7ms time constant performance at 50/60 Hz. The Miricle 110K-25 is available with optional super-sensitivity mode offering up to 10-35 mK NEDT for selected applications where small temperature difference or long range detectivity are needed.

The reduced pixel pitch of the Miricle 110K-25 enables smaller, lightweight optics to be used and allows increased detection range for a given focal length when compared with larger pitch detectors. With a fully assembled weight of 85g (without lens) the Miricle 110K-25 is ideal for UAV and field portable applications.


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