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Checker 4G7X

Cognex has introduced a line of position tools, coloured lighting and filters, and a new sensor model, Checker 4G7X, to expand the practical applications of its Checker 4G line of machine vision sensors.

Checker now offers a new pattern-based position tool that supports 360° rotation to verify object location regardless of its position on the production line. Other new position tools integrated into Checker perform a variety of other important applications such as inspecting cap height and skew, label position, fill level, web position, and component placement.

The coloured lighting and filter options integrated into the vision sensor optimise image contrast in the inspection process and bring out more inspection features regardless of factory conditions.

Checker now offers integrated polarisation windows that remove specula glare from images featuring highly polished or reflective surfaces. Eliminating glare helps create the best possible images and a more consistent inspection result.

The newest model, the Checker 4G7X, delivers three critical functionalities built into a single device. With the vision sensor, production managers can simultaneously check for the presence, size and position of features on a single part. Additionally, the model seamlessly integrates into the factory network, communicates with PLCs, and features integrated colour lighting and filters.


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