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VisionView 1.1

Cognex's VisionView operator display panel for In-Sight vision systems has been enhanced with an array of new features. Monitoring production processes and changing vision system parameters on the factory floor without a PC is simple using VisionView.

Both engineers and production line operators will benefit from the software enhancements in VisionView 1.1.  Engineers can create an operator interface from within the In-Sight Explorer software by simply choosing the vision system parameters they would like to display, and selecting those that can be modified on the factory floor.  A deployment interface is then automatically generated by VisionView.

Production line operators can quickly adjust the parameters of the In-Sight job, such as training new parts or entering new lot codes, all via the password-protected VisionView touch screen controls without having to use a PC.  This saves valuable time, especially when changing over the line from making one product to another. Password protection can be applied to critical parameters so that only certain users are able to modify them, preventing unauthorised interruptions to critical processes.

VisionView has been optimised for machine vision, and features a 7-inch touch screen that displays full colour images.  It automatically detects any Cognex vision system on the network, and simultaneously displays information from up to nine vision systems in a tiled view.


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