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Checker 3G

Cognex, a supplier of machine vision systems and vision sensors, has added the Checker 3G series to its Checker vision sensor product line. With simple setup, integrated part detection, lighting, I/O and job change all in a rugged IP67 housing, Checker 3G is an easy, reliable and affordable way to verify all products or parts on the line.

With Checker 3G, the user chooses whether to configure the sensor as a presence sensor or measurement sensor. Presence sensors verify that features are present. Measurement sensors verify that features are the correct height, width and/or diameter. In either mode, there is no limit to the number of part features that a single Checker can inspect. Checker is also able to detect and track more than 6,000ppm in varying positions along the production line, overcoming imprecise part positioning and delivering consistent, precisely timed pass/fall results.

The system does not require a PC for setup, but uses the SensorView Teach Pendant, a compact, rugged, panel-mount display for both the Checker 200 and 3G series of vision sensors, allowing the user to set up jobs on the line quickly and simply. A single Teach Pendant can be used to set up any number of Checker 3G sensors and can remain connected for real-time application monitoring.

The One-Click Setup allows the user to simply click on the feature in the image that you want to inspect and Checker automatically creates a sensor, learns the features' attributes and sets the appropriate pass/fail criteria.


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