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Vision Sensor LM smart camera

The Vision Sensor LM from IMAGO Technologies combines line scan technology with the advantages of a freely programmable mini smart camera. The form factor of a matchbox houses a complete line scan camera system.

Intelligent embedded vision system with line scan sensor

In many machines, space for integrating vision systems is limited. The smart embedded line scan camera system Vision Sensor LM offers a solution to this problem with its very compact dimensions of only 45 mm × 25 mm and a depth of 54 mm. This compressed format integrates all the necessary components for implementing a high-performance line scan image processing system.

High flexibility in line sensors, lenses and tasks

The Vision Sensor LM industrial camera gives users the freedom to customize the system to their needs by choosing between monochrome or color line sensors with resolutions of 1k or 2k. The quad-core ARM-based Vision Sensor LM is also available with S-mount or C-mount lenses. Thanks to its free programmability, the Vision Sensor LM offers great flexibility in different areas. It is not only designed for particular tasks and limited to them, as is the case with systems from other manufacturers.

Your application freely realized under Linux OS or ViewIT

The camera offers two possibilities for the development of line applications: The classic variant runs under Linux, where other vision libraries can be integrated (in-house, Halcon, OpenCV...). Alternatively, applications are developed with the IMAGO tool ViewIT. The framework automatically handles all basic image processing functions such as image acquisition, I/O handling and many other tasks, allowing developers to fully concentrate on solving the actual image processing task.

Versatile for endless materials and inspection objects of different sizes

Due to its high flexibility and performance range, the Vision Sensor LM smart camera is the perfect choice for inspecting endless materials for defects in industrial production. These endless materials can be found, for example, as sheet metal in rolling mills, as wallpaper, as leather interior trim for motor vehicles, and in many other variations. Line scan-based code readers are also a common technology in the packaging and logistics industries for inspecting objects of widely varying sizes. High-performance line scan camera systems such as the Vision Sensor LM are also used in the printing industry, reliably checking corner points, colors and other features of printed products.

Would you like a little more power?

With its big brother Vision Cam LM, IMAGO Technologies offers a smart line scan camera with higher resolutions (up to 8k resolution, 80kHz) as well as hardware real-time capability for the interaction of different devices and subsystems of a machine. With the combination of image processing computer and external line scan camera, IMAGO Technologies also provides further possibilities to combine line scan camera technology with intelligent image processing.


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