VisiLine and MX Board Level cameras

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The popular VisiLine and MX Board Level cameras by Baumer now include three new models with CMV300 Global Shutter CMOSIS sensor. Their optical characteristics are similar to those of the successful ICX424 VGA Sony CCD sensor and are on par in terms of image quality. These GigE and USB 3.0 cameras deliver up to 376 fps at full VGA resolution and excel with high sensitivity, low noise and high dynamic range. They are therefore particularly suited for applications with demanding requirements on image quality at high throughput.

VisiLine models VLG-03 and VLU-03 feature standard-compliant GigE and USB 3.0 interface, respectively, for easy and cost-efficient system integration. Thanks to excellent image quality, the cameras perform solidly in highly dynamic processes such as in the pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industry.

The new MX Board Level camera MXGC03 with GigE interface is ideal for embedded systems. Thanks to the flexible sensor circuit board it fits into virtually any installation environment. The camera will also master fast image acquisition tasks in the non-industrial sector such as Life Science, where ever-increasing miniaturization requires ultimate component flexibility.