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Vipaq TVP-5

VisionScope Technologies in the UK is distributing the latest endoscope from Richard Wold - the Vipaq TVP-5. The Vipaq is a CCD-based endoscope that makes use of standard fibre optic lighting. It includes both s-video output and USB 2.0 output. The USB port can also be used to power the device.

The system is compatible with standard monitors or PCs, and the associated software package, supplied with the system, is Windows XP compliant. Windows Vista compatibility will be available in the near future. The package includes an image management program that can switch between NTSC and PAL signals at the same time as image capture. The Vipaq can be used in conjunction with the Moritex Palmscope to save and store the video clips.

The Vipaq has a diameter of 4.7mm, with two length options: 800mm and 1400mm. The small diameter lends itself well with more micro applications. Further upgrades scheduled for 2008 and 2009 include will increase the range of lengths and diameters available.


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