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PoliScan Speed system

Vitronic's PoliScan Speed system detects, captures and documents speed violations automatically using digital camera technology. The enforcement solution consists of the PoliScan Speed system and a remote camera.

The remote camera is connected to the PoliScan Speed system via WLAN and simultaneously captures infringement images. The system consists of a high-resolution camera, flash and function box. It can be tripod-mounted or placed on the ground. In the case of a speed violation, the system takes a photo and sends a signal to the remote camera, which captures a second image. All data is then transferred to the operator where the case is compiled and encrypted. The cases, even from challenging traffic situations, are valid before a court of law.

In many countries driver photos are required, while in other situations they are unnecessary or not permitted. With Vitronic's enforcement solution both oncoming and receding vehicles can be captured, including motorcycles. The remote camera can also be positioned to take profile images of car and truck drivers.

At the core of the system is lidar (light detection and ranging) technology, which uses time-of-flight measurements to calculate vehicle speeds. The system is certified for unattended use and eliminates the need for costly in-road equipment. It can operate in challenging traffic situations such as on curves, bends and through road works.


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