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Vibration-resistant lens series

Kowa has extended its vibration-resistant lens series for cameras with up to 2/3" chip size by the focal length of 5mm. With the 2MP JCM-V series, measurements can be made without pixel deviation even when tilting the lens and in high-vibration environments. Thus, the lens is ideal for robotics and 3-D measurement applications.

This is made possible by the special construction of the lenses: The inner glass elements are glued, the focusing ring has a double nut thread and for different apertures there are variable step-up rings. The ruggedized 2/3" series is now available in seven focal lengths from 5mm to 50mm. The new focal length allows a horizontal angle of view of up to 82.4°.

In addition to the 2/3" series, Kowa's HC-V Series is a shock and vibration resistant series for cameras up to 1" in size.

This is available in six focal lengths from 8mm to 50mm.


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