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Pleora Technologies, a provider of networked video connectivity solutions, has released the vDisplay family of IP engines. The video receivers are designed specifically for viewing stations and specialised processing appliances on high-performance video networks.

The vDisplay IP engines are comprised of compact, purpose-built hardware that allows high-resolution video streams on GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) networks to be displayed directly on monitors, in real time, without the need for a PC. They can also be used for real-time video capture in specialised processing appliances. The engines comply fully with the open, global GigE Vision and GenICam standards.

By replacing PCs with ultra-efficient hardware, vDisplay engines shrink the size, lower the cost, reduce the power consumption, and improve the reliability of viewing stations and video processing appliances. They are ideal for OEMs and integrators building high-performance video products and systems for the military, medical, and manufacturing sectors.

Pleora will initially offer the vDisplay HDMI-Pro IP engine. The HDMI-Pro engine converts streaming IP video to standard HDMI/DVI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface/Digital Visual Interface) formats for real-time display on off-the-shelf monitors. It auto-senses the display capabilities of the attached monitor and adjusts the image formats and resolution of the incoming video stream to match the monitor's refresh rate and resolution. The HDMI-Pro engine is available as a compact OEM board set or a small enclosed unit.

Pleora's vDisplay HDMI-Pro IP engine integrates with all other elements in Pleora's solution set for high-performance networked video connectivity, including its iPORT IP engines, eBUS drivers, the eBUS-PureGEV SDK, and the AutoGEV XML generation tool.


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