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GigE-compatible eBUS and PureGEV

Pleora Technologies' eBUS Driver Suite and PureGEV Suite are now available for all GigE Vision-compatible products, including cameras not based on the companys iPORT IP Engines.

Pleora's eBUS drivers optimise the performance of GigE Vision-based applications by making almost all CPU resources in the PC available for valuable image processing and display tasks rather than simple data transfer.

By including the eBUS-PureGEV package into their offerings, camera manufacturers can provide their customers with a high-performance and flexible end-to-end GigE Vision-based solution. The eBUS-PureGEV software package easily accommodates all image sources, even in multi-vendor, multi-camera systems making it easier to deploy best-of-breed solutions.

The eBUS-PureGEV software package is fully compatible with the GigE Vision and GenICam standards.


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