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Advanced Micro Peripherals has introduced the VCODEC-H264 - a single channel H264 Codec on a single PC/104-plus form factor.

The board allows high quality real-time video and audio capture and H264 compression from PAL/NTSC video sources to disk. It simultaneously provides an additional path for uncompressed video for on-screen preview or optional downstream video analytics. The VCODEC-H264 can also decompress and replay recordings from storage to display. The high performance H264 video data compression and reduced bus utilisation allows up to four VCODEC-H264 cards within a PC/104-plus system.

The VCODEC-H264 can record up to four video inputs to a single H264 file as if from a single video source. With no separation, the resulting H264 file can be played as a single H264 stream by the VCODEC-H264 or appropriate hardware/software decoders.


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