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Vision Components has released a colour sensor version of its intelligent high-performance camera VC4465. The smart camera’s key component is a 1GHz processor from Texas Instruments with a computing power of 8,000 MIPS.

The cameras feature a ½-inch CCD sensor with a 768 x 582 pixel resolution that provides a maximum frame rate of 55fps (110fps in binning mode). The cameras are equipped with an RS232 and an Ethernet interface, with a high-speed encoder interface and an external trigger input that enables jitter-free image recording even at high reading frequencies.

Basic versions come with 4Mb Flash EPROM and 64Mb SDRAM for program and picture storage, which can be optionally extended to 128Mb. As with previous models, the new cameras have a direct video output, four digital PLC inputs and four digital outputs. Programming is facilitated by Vision Components’ VCLIB and COLORLIB programming libraries.


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