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Vieworks VC-12M-65 industrial camera is now available from Stemmer Imaging. Featuring the latest 12 megapixel global shutter CMOS sensors from Cmosis, these monochrome or colour cameras produce high quality images at frame rates up to 65fps. They can be used for applications such as PCB inspection, automated optical inspection machines, 3D inspection, scientific imaging and many others.

The VC-12M-65 is the latest addition to the VC series of cameras and is equipped with either a Camera Link (model VC-12MC-65) or CoaXPress (model VC-12MX-65) interface. These cameras are characterised by their noise reduction technology for high quality imaging also offering both high-speed image processing capabilities and precise exposure control.

The frame rate of up to 65fps at full resolution can be increased by using the flexible multi-ROI function to select between resolution and speed. A frame rate of 377fps can be achieved at a resolution of 4,096 x 500 pixels. The multi-ROI facility allows up to 32 regions to be defined on the sensor array.

The VC-12M-65 features flat field correction to improve image uniformity resulting from uneven lighting. The colour version of the camera has auto-white balance control which is applied to the entire pixel data.