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Varifocal lens

Firstsight Vision has added the 1/2-inch, 4-12mm (F/1.4) Megapixel varifocal lens from Tamron to its product portfolio, combining Megapixel resolution imaging capabilities with flexibility of mounting in production line environments.

Fixed focus lenses are traditionally used in production line environments on the basis that the product to be inspected is of a consistent height. However, varifocal lenses are ideally suited to inspection lines that might be used for a number of different products. In addition, the varifocal capability may be of benefit if there is little flexibility in the mounting position for the camera, since the focal length can be adjusted to suit the application. 

The lens is available in both manual and DC auto iris models. Both feature advanced optical designs employing aspheric elements and LD (low dispersion) glass to minimise aberrations and deliver superb image quality, with uniformly high resolution and contrast from the centre to the edges of the image field. This allows the full resolution of Megapixel cameras to be realised.

The lenses can also be used in general surveillance and traffic applications. The high quality optical performance ensures excellent resolution even in the corners of the image field. In addition, an angle of view in excess of 100° is possible at the widest-angle (4mm) setting, reducing the number of cameras required for comprehensive surveillance.


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