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Day/night lenses

Firstsight Vision now offers a comprehensive range of day/night lenses. While most other lenses can only focus certain wavelengths, leaving a blurred image with other light sources, the day/night lenses can focus both visible and infrared light. The lenses can improve images illuminated by the sun, moon, halogen car headlights and sodium street lighting.

The day/night range features 14 monofocal manual and DC iris lenses and an array of varifocal lenses with focal lengths from 2.5mm to 80mm. The range includes a 1⁄2-inch format C-mount DC iris varifocal lens used for traffic and ANPR situations. The lenses are also suitable for use in discrete night vision applications to focus IR images, eliminating the need for artificial lighting.

Firstsight Vision also provides day/night zoom lenses featuring a focal range from 7.5-1500mm with functions including presets, iris override, motorised back focus and 2x range extenders.


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