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StablEDGE filter range

Midwest Optical Systems (MidOpt) has introduced a broad range of StablEDGE filters. StablEDGE is an innovative hybrid filter design that maintains critical spectral performance in imaging applications with short focal length lenses (<12mm) or angular-dependent lighting. In traditional filter designs, as the angle of light reaching the filter changes, the passband exhibits ‘short shifting,’ and image contrast can be significantly degraded. Because the use of shorter vs. longer focal length camera lenses now predominates the market, MidOpt’s StablEDGE filter designs surpass those of all major filter suppliers in maintaining a desired width of passband in all applications, transmitting desired LED/laser diode illumination while blocking interfering light.

‘Unlike traditional Bandpass Filter designs, which are highly sensitive to the angle at which light strikes the filter and do not perform well at wider or shallower angles of incidence, MidOpt’s BP, BN and LP Series Filters minimise the effects of ‘blue shifting,’ said MidOpt Owner Barry Warzak. ‘They maintain greater contrast by passing desired illumination and sufficiently blocking unwanted ambient light.’

MidOpt StablEDGE Filters are available in the visible to near-infrared spectral range with a peak transmission generally greater than or equal to 90 per cent.


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