Using the sequencer TechTip

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A new TechTip, ‘Using the sequencer’, is now available for download from IDS (Imaging Development  Systems) GmbH at This new technical tip explains how the sequencer function can be used to vary image acquisition parameters of successive frames in IDS UI-124x/UI-324x/UI-524x and UI-125x/UI-325x/UI-525x industrial cameras featuring e2v CMOS sensors.

The sequencer function is particularly useful in applications where it is necessary to capture images of the same object with different camera acquisition parameters, for example to produce images with high dynamic range in applications with unknown light or brightness conditions. Setting up the camera to perform a sequence of image acquisitions saves time by avoiding the need to adjust camera parameters after each image.

In sequencer mode, the user can define a particular area of interest (AOI) to acquire an image with a particular master gain and exposure time. Up to three further AOIs of the same size can then be specified, where different values for gain, exposure time, number of readout cycles and even AOI position can be specified.

The sequencer function is available in a wide range of monochrome and colour IDS cameras featuring e2V CMOS sensors with a resolution of 1.3 Mpixels (1280 x 1024 pixels) or 1.92 Mpixels (1600 x 1200 pixels). These include cameras with USB2, USB3 or GigE camera interfaces, and cover a wide range of models from board level up to the extremely rugged RE versions.