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USB3 Vision interface

Pleora Technologies will soon offer camera and equipment manufacturers a USB3 Vision interface solution. This new video interface option, like all of Pleora’s offerings, is built upon standard IT platforms, does not require a frame grabber, and will be supported by Pleora’s common software development kit, the eBUS SDK.

George Chamberlain, Pleora president, said: ‘The upcoming USB3 Vision standard will offer sufficient bandwidth to cover sensors requiring 1-4 Gigabit per second, which provides a good complement to our GigE Vision offerings operating at 1 GigE and 10 GigE.’

Pleora customers will have the advantage of one common software development kit for both GigE Vision and USB3 Vision as well as a number of shared design tools. Pleora is a member of the AIA’s USB3 Vision technical and marketing committees and plays an active role in the development of this vision standard, which is expected to be released late 2012.


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