Updated CxSupportPackages for AT 3D sensors

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Intuitive operation, uncomplicated handling, user-friendly software: With the recent update of its cxSupportPackage 2022.2, AT – Automation Technology offers its customers an optimized kit of software programs, with which the 3D sensors of the North German technology company can be used even easier and quicker. The cxSupportPackage is a variety of tools that customers can use to acquire 3D images, configure the 3D camera and provide 3D data in the form of range maps or point clouds, among other things.

These tools include cxExplorer, cxDiscover, cxShow3D and cxSDK, whereby the last one in particular, which contains all the libraries for communication with the 3D camera, has been significantly expanded. With the latest version, AT has revised the so-called wrappers so that the connection in programming languages such as Python, C++ or C# is even easier now. And there have also been enhancements with regard to the compatibility of MultiPart support for AT's new C6 series.

In addition, the new cxSupportPackage optimizes the cxExplorer tool, which is used for easy commissioning and configuration of the 3D sensors. One of the new features is the integration of a standardized file upload and download of data containers that contain all measurement data and the sensor configuration. This can be used, for example, to save configurations of the sensor on the PC or customer-specific configuration and calibration on the 3D sensor. With the latest revision of its software support in the 3D sector, AT – Automation Technology has thus been able to simplify the use of its sensors even further, which will also save the customer significantly more time in the future.

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