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IDS has introduced an NIR version of its USB 3 uEye CP camera with Cmosis’ 4.2 megapixel sensor. The sensor provides double the sensitivity in the near infrared range than the standard monochrome sensor version (16 per cent compared to 8 per cent).

The sensor is particularly beneficial in applications like solar wafer and surface inspection. The sensor has a square 1 inch optical format and 2,048 x 2,048 pixel resolution. A range of further IDS functions plus the sensor’s global shutter ensure detailed, crisp and distortion-free images.

Additionally, the UI-3370CP-NIR is a perfect choice for a range of applications in web and high-speed inspection. Including the new UI-3370CP-NIR camera, there are currently 12 USB 3 uEye CP models available offering a variety of resolutions from VGA to 5 megapixels in a compact and lightweight magnesium housing. With a C-mount lens mount, lockable USB 3.0 and Hirose connectors, a serial interface and optically decoupled trigger and flash, the cameras are integrated easily in all applications.


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