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IDS has released the UI-2280SE, an ideal all-round camera with USB 2.0 interface and Sony ICX655 CCD sensor in 5 Megapixel resolution (2,448 x 2,050 pixels). The camera achieves the full colour depth of 12 bits per pixel thanks to its internal Field-Programmable Gate Array. As a result, it offers 16 times more accurate mapping of pixel values compared to the usual 8 bits, while saving money and time for the user.

The UI-2280SE is ideal for capturing moving objects with its global shutter sensor which provides simultaneous exposure for all pixel rows. IDS offers the camera in both monochrome and colour versions with either IR cut, daylight cut or plain glass filter options. With its compact metal housing and M3 mounting holes the UI-2280SE is also suited for use in demanding measurement, automation and quality environments. For OEMs, versions are available without housing and front flange.


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