UI-3140CP Rev. 2

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IDS has announced that it now offers the UI-3140CP Rev. 2, a USB 3.0 industrial camera with Python 1300 CMOS sensor, by ON Semiconductor.

Providing frame rates up to 169 fps at full resolution (SXGA 1280 x 1024), the new model is suitable for machine vision and ITS applications as well as for inspection and inline quality control. According to the company, more than 500 fps can be realised by subsampling and VGA resolution.

The new model of the USB 3 uEye CP Rev. 2 series is available as monochrome or colour version, and is equipped with an integrated image memory. Due to its standard industrial dimensions (29 x 29 x 29 mm), its robust magnesium housing, and its screw-on micro USB 3.0 and Hirose connectors, the camera is suitable for use in both industrial and non-industrial applications. It integrates into existing systems thanks to opto-decoupled trigger and opto-decoupled flash, and a serial interface is present.

The USB 3.0 camera is available with the IDS Software Suite that supports all features of the Python 1300 sensor, beginning with version 4.70.