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uEye USB 2.0

The uEye USB 2.0 camera series from IDS Imaging Development Systems are now environment tolerant thanks to new driver software. The 2.1 version expands the cameras by auto features that automatically control the settings for exposure and gain, enabling the camera to independently adapt to fluctuating light conditions.


The new software also enhances the functionality of uEye CCD cameras. They now include the AOI mode and achieve even better images and faster frame refresh rates under certain circumstances.


Cameras already in use can also be quickly and easily updated with the new software. All that is required is to integrate the additional features into the camera’s own application. The demonstration program, which is included with all cameras and also part of the update package, provides ample opportunities to test the new functions. The software is also available as source code, offering developers a useful programming basis.


The uEye camera series with USB 2.0 connection meanwhile comprises more than 60 camera models – with CMOS or CCD sensors, with resolutions from 640 x 480 to 2048 x 1536 pixels, with or without memory, etc. Models with an IP65/IP67 housing to meet the special requirements of harsh industrial or outdoor environments are also available.


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