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uEye UI-5480-C

The uEye UI-5480-C model is a high-speed, high-resolution colour camera for demanding applications in industrial and non-industrial machine vision. In addition to a Gigabit Ethernet interface the camera sports a light-sensitive ½" CMOS sensor, which allows resolutions up to 2560 x 1920 pixels (i.e. five megapixels).

Up to 12 frames per second are achieved at full resolution. Using sub sampling and binning at sensor level, this frame rate can be increased significantly. Binning also enhances the light sensitivity, as the charges of the combined pixels are not averaged, but added up.

In addition the camera features a variable power supply of six to 24V, a C-mount lens adapter with adjustable mounting dimensions and an RS232 interface. Also included are optically decoupled trigger and flash connectors as well as two GPIO ports that can be used either as digital inputs or digital outputs. The camera possesses two independent processor cores that provide superior performance.

The uEye Camera Manager and the uEye SDK make the GigE camera easy to integrate. The camera is configured automatically when it is connected to the network - no installation is required at hardware level. These powerful tools as well as many other software applications for Windows and Linux come as an integral part of the camera package at free of charge.


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