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uEye Demo camera viewer

IDS now offers a convenient, fast and simple way to test the image processing hardware expansions for its uEye camera models with I2C connections. The uEye Demo camera viewer, included with all IDS USB and GigE industrial cameras, has been updated accordingly in the latest version 3.80 of the uEye camera software.

The software tool's graphical interface now offers direct access to I2C commands. This allows hardware tests to be performed independent of the software, earlier and with minimal effort.

The functionality of in-house developments such as lighting control, motors and A/D converters, can now be quickly and easily tested without programming effort.

In addition, all model-specific parameters of the camera are provided in a graphical interface in the camera viewer. Determining settings is therefore possible without programming, simplifying the process of incorporating the best possible parameters into the actual imaging processing application by saving them in an INI file.


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