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uEye CP camera with IMX183 20MP sensor

When the smallest details are important for applications, high-resolution images with particularly low noise are required. Both are features that make the Sony IMX183 20 MP sensor stand out. IDS now offers this sensor in the uEye CP camera family with USB3 Vision interface. The new models are well-suited for challenging image evaluations and are also extremely compact thanks to their dimensions of only 29 x 29 x 29 millilitres.

The rolling shutter sensor from the Sony STARVIS series delivers fast 19.5 fps and, thanks to BSI technology ("back-side-illumination"), ensures outstanding image quality and accurate image reproduction – even under poor or fluctuating lighting conditions. Thanks to the particularly detailed and low-noise images, the camera is suitable for applications such as surface and display inspections, medical technology applications or traffic surveillance. Integration into the uEye SE family with USB3 Vision interface is already planned. Then, in addition to versions with housings, board level variants with different lens holder options will also be available.

The Vision cameras can be supported, for example, by the new IDS peak SDK (Software Development Kit). It is based on the EMVA and AIA standards and can be used with all GigE Vision and USB3 Vision cameras – regardless of the manufacturer. To ensure a smooth start, IDS peak comes with numerous source code examples. The advantages include, amongst others, the "It's so easy!" programming interface developed by IDS, which means that users no longer have to work directly with GenTL and GenAPI. In addition, convenience classes reduce programming effort and error sources.


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