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Mounting solutions for laser triangulation

AutoVimation has introduced assembly kits for laser triangulation applications. The robust, adjustable mounting solutions allow users to simplify the integration of laser triangulation machine vision systems: mounting brackets for cameras and lasers don't need to be made, which can be costly and time-consuming.

The key component of the assembly kits is a mounting rail measuring up to 2m, onto which cameras and lasers are mounted and can be either rotated or fixed at a 90° angle.

Also included are mounting brackets, which withstand displacement forces of up to 3,000N and provide many adjustment options: the distance between laser and camera can be up to 2m, camera enclosure and laser enclosure can be moved along their longitudinal axes and oriented at any angle, and a special clamp within the laser enclosure allows for the laser to be laterally displaced.

The robust mounting brackets prevent any relative motion between laser and camera, thereby ensuring the measuring accuracy of laser scanners in rugged industrial environments once they have been calibrated.

The protective enclosures from autoVimation's Gecko, Salamander and Orca series are compatible with the mounting bracket. With these enclosures, users can assemble water- and dust-proof laser scanners for all cameras with a maximum diameter of 60 x 60mm.

If the application requires only simple mechanical protection for the camera and lens, users can also install autoVimation's mounting blocks which have the same dimensions. Moreover, mounting brackets and enclosures with IP65 protection are available for cylindrical lasers with a 19 or 20mm diameter, such as Lasiris or Z-lasers.

Additionally, autoVimation offers special mounting plates and protective enclosures for several 3D camera systems (e.g. AT C3 and C4, Sick Ranger), which allow users to directly attach these systems to the triangulation rail.


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