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TuCam camera adapter

Andor Technology has launched the TuCam camera adapter, a solution for simultaneous two-camera imaging. Perfectly suited to fast, concurrent detection of two different fluorophores in experiments such as co-localisation FRET or ratiometric ion signalling, TuCam is compatible with Andor's complete range of low light imaging cameras, including iXon3 and Luca EMCCDs, Clara interline CCD and the latest Neo sCMOS innovation. Further flexibility is provided with by-pass mode and first surface mirror, when TuCam provides a high performance camera switch.

The robust design of TuCam ensures superior optical and mechanical stability and ease of alignment. Available as C- or CSUX-mount versions and with a wide range of high quality wavelength or polarisation filter sets, TuCam also features high quality achromatic lenses, high transmission, very low distortion, and excellent registration between camera channels. A unique 22mm aperture certifies compatibility with large-format sensors for wide field of view imaging, as offered by the Neo sCMOS.

The selected cameras can be readily detached and used individually on different optical set-ups as required, then easily realigned onto the TuCam for dual wavelength imaging.


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