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Komet 6.0

Andor Technology, a provider of scientific imaging and spectroscopy solutions, has released Komet 6.0, a software program for imaging and analysis of comet assay specimens. The comet assay reveals DNA damage at the single cell level with extreme sensitivity.

Andor's Database Viewer, included with Komet as a standalone review tool, provides specimen decoding, visualisation and data preparation for subsequent statistical analyses.

Andor's CCD and EMCCD cameras are well suited to imaging fluorescent comet samples and Komet systems will be bundled with these cameras. Cameras can be selected from Andor's Luca EMCCD range, such as Luca-S, a VGA format camera with 10µm pixels, and Luca R, a 1 x 1k camera with 8µm pixels. Both cameras are interfaced via USB 2.0. The bundle is completed with a high performance Windows workstation, which is fully integrated and QC-tested before shipping.


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