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Tracker v1.1

Vicon has launched Tracker v1.1, a robust object tracking software application for use in a variety of 3D applications.

The newest release vastly reduces latency and enables a much higher object count to be tracked compared to the previous release.

Tracker v1.1 tracks objects while they are moving at speed, getting high quality data at much lower latency. This update is perfect for customers who want to track multiple objects concurrently. For instance tracking UAVs with very low latency is vital for the development of flight control algorithms, helping with two major areas of UAV research; swarming and assessing the safety of the civilian use of UAVs.

An optimised rigid body tracker gives reliable data that is tolerant to occlusion of markers, while low latency output allows data to be received very quickly after an observed event. Easy to use software enables users to get going quickly with minimal system setup.

Flexible integration with third-party applications enables users to read the data stream from the system in one of three ways; TCP, UDP and VRPN. This gives maximum compatibility with third party applications or development environments such as C++ (Windows 32/64, Linux), Labview, Virtools and TrackD.


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