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T10 camera

Vicon, developer of motion capture systems and part of the Oxford Metrics Group, has introduced the 1 Megapixel Vicon T10 camera as part of the T-Series camera range.

Operating at 250fps, the T10 camera replaces the Vicon MX3+ as Vicon’s entry level camera, offering three times the resolution along with faster performance, 3D on-board tracking, backwards compatibility and high powered strobes that increase camera range and detail. The T10 is a 1 Megapixel camera that enables users to capture finer details in larger volumes, and with Gigabit Ethernet, data streaming is 10 times faster than with the previous MX3 system.

The camera can be fitted with a wide range of lenses including 8.5mm, 9mm and 12.5 mm lenses.


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