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TR100 LED Controller board

Gardasoft demonstrated the TR100 LED Controller board for the first time at VISION 2016. This fully functional LED controller for machine vision provides further possibilities for the development of truly embedded vision systems; its compactness and flexibility is ideal for the miniaturizing of OEMs systems.

The TR100 base unit has the capacity for 1.0A continuous current output for driving an LED and 2.0A pulsed functionality for applications where LEDs need to be overdriven in pulses to increase light output. The TR100 provides the flexibility to be adapted by OEMs who wish to incorporate machine vision into their own systems and who have high performance, high volume LED controller requirements.

The compact, embedded format of the TR100 offers the potential for creating an integrated intelligent machine vision system without the need for a PC. With many of the leading image processing libraries now providing the capability to port to embedded microprocessor-based platforms, there is now the possibility to create a touch screen machine vision system based on Gardasoft’s Triniti intelligent lighting concept. This would be achieved by using an HMI to link the TR100 lighting controller connected to a Triniti-enabled light with an embedded board running an appropriate image processing system connected to a camera.


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