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TR-CL Lens Controller Series

Gardasoft demonstrated an enhanced version of the new TR-CL Series of single channel industrial Lens Controllers at VISION 2016. Designed for very accurate and repeatable control of Optotune EL-10-30 and EL-16-40 focus-tunable lenses, the TR-CL lens controller has additional waveform input options including Square, Triangle, Saw tooth, Sine and User Defined). These bring extra advantages such as increased depth of field for Life Science and Medical Technology applications.

The Gardasoft demonstration at VISION was used in conjunction with a laser displacement sensor. This sensor detects the height of the object to be imaged and sends an analogue signal to the controller to drive the lens to the correct setting for subsequent focusing. This arrangement allows macro changes in lens settings to be completed in less than 10ms.

The GigE Vision compliant TR-CL lens controller allows the Optotune focus-tunable lenses to be used as part of the Gardasoft Triniti™ machine vision platform. In this way, seamless access and control of system cameras, lighting and lenses is possible in a single machine vision environment. 

The demonstration at VISION illustrated the system as it could be used in a postal inspection application, imaging packages of different heights, although it can be used in a diverse range of other applications including ophthalmology, microscopy and the life sciences. 

Common Vision Blox from STEMMER IMAGING is the image processing platform being used here to provide the single graphical interface set-up and control of the lens and LED illumination through interface to Gardasoft’s Triniti-enabled lens and LED controllers. This is the latest move towards the complete automation of industrial vision inspection, with the camera, light and lens settings being monitored and adjusted in real time.


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