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Techspec integration specifications

Edmund Optics (EO) has introduced downloadable engineering files with integration specifications for its most popular lines of Techspec imaging optics. These downloadable files provide instant access to key specifications for building and optimising imaging systems, which include optical curves, critical decision making data used as a guide in selecting the best lens for the application.

The integration specifications are available for the following Techspec lens families: Compact Fixed Focal Length, Silver Series Telecentric, Compact Telecentric, Gold Series Telecentric and High Resolution 5 Megapixel Telecentric. These specifications include graphical curves for modulation transfer function (lens contrast vs. resolution), depth of field (contrast vs. working distance), relative illumination (brightness from the centre to the corner of the image) and distortion. A detailed schematic drawing, complete with measured dimensions of each lens is also included, as well as tables that include focal length, field of view range, working distance and aperture (f/#).


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